100k in 30 Days for Breast Cancer Ireland Employee Engagement Programme

Join The Pink Army for this International Event in June 2021

Breast Cancer does not care about borders and neither do we. This is a global event open to anyone in the world to help research a cure in the fight against Breast Cancer.
Support your teams physical and mental wellbeing throught this socially distanced family friendly event, bringing your work colleagues back together as a team again. 

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How the Employee Engagement Programme works

Step 1: Purchase a batch of participant places for your team HERE

Step 2: Receive your unique team code to share with team members

Step 3: Each of your team members can then register for the event using this team code which will automatically add them into the correct team page.



How team members take part

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Each team member can register with their unique team code on the main registration page HERE

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During June everyone logs their activities on their personal 100k dashboard and takes part in inter company leagues.

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Raise funds for Breast Cancer Ireland to fund research and education & awarenress via a company JustGiving page 

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Put the TEAM back in your team, bring them together while staying apart.

During these uncertain times encourage & support your teams mental & physical wellbeing by signing them up to the challenge of 100k in 30 Days. It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has led to increased levels of employee anxiety, and reduction of engagement and challenges to interpersonal relationships.

Research has shown that participating in goal focused group activities can help foster a sense of togetherness amongst your staff mitigating against the worst of these effects 

Company Benefits

Engaging your company's teams and employees has proven benefits for business and company morale.

A recent Deloitte reported explained that organisations  with a highly engaged employees experienced a 3 year revenue growth 2.3 times greater than average (20.1% growth vs 8.9% growth)         

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Share your team’s achievement as part of your CSR messaging to your own audience. JustGiving.com are our chosen donations management partner for the 100k in 30Days.

Use content created by your team to share your message across your social media platforms and other resources.

Each company team can raise funds through a dedicated JustGiving.com page in support of their 100k in 30 Days Campaign for BCI.

The company team page can be fully branded with a link that can be shared to allow donations directly to the company page.

Further details of how this process works can be found here: https://www.justgiving.com/corporate-fundraising 

Join the growing list of Companies Involved

In 2020 we  had a enormous buy-in from corporates to the international event and all on board again this year.Register now to add your name to this ever growing list


100k in 30 Days CLG, FDW House, Blackthorn Business Park, Coes Road, Dundalk, Co. Louth. CRO 66975